About First Nations Voice

The concept and intent is to create a National non political, privately owned First Nation News Paper was conceived as a Media Educational Vehicle to be used by first nations and aboriginal peoples living on and off reserves, the purpose is to educate each other and the general public from a first nation/aboriginal perspective.

As first nations and aboriginal peoples we face challenging obstacles, particularly privately owned first nation/aboriginal businesses trying to do business with private sector companies and all levels of governments. We can in a positive way create an equal playing field for education, jobs and doing everyday business. The “First Nations Voice” is meant to be used by all first nation/aboriginal individuals, groups, organizations, and the private sector as well as all levels of government who wish to participate, through sharing of information, and educating each other.

This can be done in a positive constructive format; the goal is to create partnerships that will help eradicate first nation/aboriginal poverty by providing access to economic opportunities and jobs in the private sector.

  1. Promote issues relating to First Nation/Aboriginal business, culture, health, education and our language’s to the public and in schools including the workplace where applicable.
  2. The fastest growing population demographically is the first nation/aboriginal community. “First Nations Voice” will offer company profiles where job opportunities can be identified by the private sector businesses as well as first nation/aboriginal organizations.
  3. Private sector companies, Crown Corporations and Industry who derive their livelihood, by providing services or commodities to aboriginal and first nation individuals and communities can use the “First Nations Voice” as a Direct Marketing venue and as a job recruitment vehicle, using their individual procurement strategy.
  4. We welcome all objectives, comments and concerns missed in this overview and encourage they be brought forward to the “First Nations Voice” on a collective or individual basis in writing.
  5. The “First Nations Voice” a Media tool can be used for building Nation to Nation partnerships with all levels of governments and private sector businesses, the objective is to create an equal playing field for economic opportunities for all first nation/ aboriginal people.
  6. As first nation/aboriginal individuals our businesses our economic future and successful working relationships with the private sector and all levels of governments are dependent on developing real partnerships, by building roads and bridges, not in blocking them.

Owner/Publisher/Editor: Trevor Greyeyes
Contact: TrevorGreyeyesNews@gmail.com
Phone (204) 282–6341

When we speak of partnerships the first thing that comes to ones mind is shares of ownership. However in this case the partnership created with the Winnipeg Free Press founded in 1872 and the First Nation Voice 2008 is a partnership in the sense of two separate ownership working for the benefit of each other and others. Without the Winnipeg Free Press the First Nation Voice would not have the ability to print, distribute or edit its own paper these services come with over 125 years of experience provided by the Winnipeg Free Press. That very commitment and outspoken independence and championship of public service and minority causes has earned the Free Press the reputation of being “Canada’s Gadfly”.

And a new chapter has been added with Trevor Greyeyes securing funding to purchase the First Nations Voice in 2016. He is a member of Peguis First Nation. He has been a journalist for over 20 years now with experience in the mainstream media working for print, radio and TV.