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Sharon Hall exhibition Free to public until October 14, 2023

From Trevor Greyeyes

If you’re in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, come check out the fabulous artwork of Sharon Hall.

As it states up above, free to public Tuesdays to Fridays, 1 to 5 pm that runs until October 14.

Artist Statement:

Sharon Hall, White Wolf Woman

A reflection in understanding and revealing what is making known. The Teachings and honesty in reflecting the truth. Beauty is knowing that the ugly is not real, the beautiful overpowers the negative. Healing is growth and is not negative, it’s assisting the true inner self and finding a life balance.

Sharing is guiding to help and heal one’s self. Sharing life experiences and the true stories of the unknown. To acknowledge the hurt and pain will bring a healthy lifestyle; gaining courage to move forward in life. When you understand courage, you gain strength in disclosure, portraying life experiences through artistic means.

Exploring the truth reveals the darkness in silence, facing the wounds is a healing process that reflects our past within our ancestors in prayer. The gifts prepare. Reflection toward healing begins the process in healing, gaining a healthy lifestyle and an understanding our true inner self.


Sharon Hall, White Wolf Woman (Anishinaabe, Pinaymootang First Nation, MB)

Sharon Hall was born in Ashern, Manitoba and raised by her grandparents on the Pinaymootang First Nations in the Interlake Region of Manitoba.

Hall started painting at the age of 15 while in high school. She was inspired by her grandfather, parents and elders who passed on the traditional teachings. Her works in ink and acrylic were recognized by Jackson Beardy whose artistic influence assisted Sharon’s career. He encouraged her to express her inner visions to create work and not to follow the realism trend of the time. She received the first Jackson Beardy Memorial Committee Artistic Achievement Award in 1984. She graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Fine Arts Diploma programme on the Dean’s Honour List (1992) and continued her education with a ‘Women in Business’ training course and further Bachelor of General Studies degree from the Inter­Universities North in 1995. For the past 40 years she has worked as a visual artist, traditional designer, craftsperson, arts instructor and arts facilitator. In 2013 Sharon was honoured for over 25 years of service as an arts instructor as part of WAG 100 – Celebrating a Century.

Hall paints images that reflect “the way of life”, the generations and the teachings from the ancestors. She employs techniques and media as varied as finger painting, collage, printmaking and drawing to create work that explores and reveals the true inner being, symbols, family, nature and the spirit world. “I paint the images I receive in my dreams, messages from my visions and stories of the past, present, and future. I paint pure images symbolic of the deeper, emotional side of my life; reflecting my spiritual feelings towards my people. This is a gift that has been passed on to me. Part of my process, as an artist, is to understand and respect these gifts that I have received… I paint images of what I feel about myself, my people and my ancestors.”

Special thanks to my Children, Abby, Anthony, Elysia; grandchildren and great grandchildren and All My Relations. Also a thanks to the Pinaymootang First Nation and Gordon’s Grocery Ltd. for help with this exhibition.