What’s going on with Treaty One Corporation?


By Trevor Greyeyes

Treaty One Development Corporation has severed ties with former CEO Whelan Sutherland and Tim Daniels, Economic Development Officer.

Their names have been scrubbed from the website, but you can still find a few posts on the Treaty One Facebook site that have them on there.

So, of course, as a journalist I called the director of communications, but his cell phone voicemail has not been activated yet. I called the office and left messages for various staff with Treaty One but no reply.

Actually, I have known about the two no longer working at the corporation for quite some time but without comment or confirmation I couldn’t really write anything.

Now, I have confirmation that both are no longer with Treaty One Development Corporation that is seeking to develop the former Kapyong Barracks site into a multi-use property development.

And Treaty One Development Corporation is attempting to set up some sort of separate Treaty 1 government.

Why does Treaty One need to develop a separate government? How would it work?

I was promised all these answers and more at a future time while Treaty One was seeking for First Nations people in the Treaty 1 communities were consulted and asked to vote on a land code change to allow this development to happen.

As a registered band member of Peguis First Nation that is a signatory to Treaty 1, I must ask why the need for all the secrecy if you’re trying to set up an autonomous Treaty One government.

Never mind the optics of trying to set up a Treaty One government that makes me question just how accountable and transparent this new government will be.

I know, for example, the Peguis First Nation land code sessions have been cancelled for now but have no idea when the sessions will be rescheduled because no one from Treaty One will return my phone calls.

Why not put out a news release?

As I was taught in my post secondary education about public relations and backed up by real world examples, the longer you put off bad news, if it is bad or unsavory news, the worse it is going to look.

And for those wondering about my use of Treaty One and Treaty 1.

When referring to the numbered treaties or implications from the numbered treaties, a number is use. Treaty One is used when referencing either the corporation or their plans to set up a government.