JC Campbell: Rockin’ the charts again

JC Campbell

By Trevor Greyeyes

With his latest single “We Love” being played on SiriusXm and climbing the Indigenous music countdown, it’s time the First Nations Voice highlight this award winning Indigenous singer/ songwriter – JC Campbell.

Campbell is well known in Winnipeg and has released three albums to date.

His first produced album “Lazy James” won best blues album at the formally known Aboriginal People’s choice Music Awards, charted in at 1 on CFBX 92.5 FM with his album Lazy James in Kamloops B.C. for 4 weeks in the specialty charts under Blues and reached the second spot on the top 30 charts.

His third album “Four letter lie” had two tracks hit the top spot on the Indigenous Music Countdown and three songs are sill in rotation on SiriusXM satellite radio.

The FNV had a chance to chat with JC about the music biz, his talent and any advice for up and coming singer/ songwriters.

First Nations Voice (FNV): You’re latest single “We Love” is climbing the charts. How important is something like the Indigenous Countdown to Indigenous artists like you?

JC Campbell: The Indigenous Music countdown is extremely important for Indigenous musicians in that it serves as a platform for showcasing the hard work and commitment involved in recording and releasing music in the industry. For me being on the countdown means relevance and shows commitment to my craft. Staying in the loop is crucial to maintaining a voice/presence in the scene and I’m so thankful for that!

FNV: You’ve been pursuing the musical dream for awhile now. How do you see your development as an artist?

JC Campbell: My development as an artist was was slow and gradual in the beginning and turned to leaps and bounds lately. I’m a firm believer of “things happen the way they will” and I wouldn’t change a thing about how and where things are at for me musically. Just kidding I would change some things but too late for that haha.

FNV: To your fans out there, what advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music industry?

JC Campbell: My advice to anyone getting into the music biz would be practice hard (I didn’t and now fall short in my guitar playing) never give up ( I never gave up learning how to wipe my nose and I’m a pro now ) and if you don’t write or compose start learning (not too many people get paid well singing other people’s songs) there are exceptions but why not make your own path eh!