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The book launch for mitewacimowina:

Indigenous Science Fiction

On an unusually warm evening on Thursday, January 19, a group of people, many of the non-Indigenous variety suprisingly, showed up at the McNally Robinson booksellers atrium to hear some First Nation writers share stories from a science fiction anthology by Indigenous writers.

I was jointed by local writing legend and Cree speaker Duncan Mercredi while Bill Stevenson came all the way from Regina.

My story, Gimiwan Last Nation, is about an isolated First Nation community, yes a reserve, and what happens when all communications with the outside world stop.

And I use a lot of humour in my storytelling. If you don't believe me. Pick up a copy.

Next up Mercredi, that I know mostly for his poetry books, read an excerpt from his 13 Moon story. Growing up with a father steeped in Metis traditions, Mercredi explained how in the olden days, the Metis had a game where the same story was told in a friendly competition.  His story was based upon but had differences in a traditional story he had heard growing up.

Bill Stevenson, like the other two writers reading that evening, reached deep down to deliver a somewhat comic take on alien abduction.

I think the book is amazing because for far too long this society has tried to place Indigenous people, and that would be First Nations, Inuit and Metis, as relics of the past. We aren't.

And the book represents some of our visions of the present and future. 

As I said before this is a collection of short stories including such notable writers as Richard Van Camp, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Eden Robinson, Drew Hayden Taylor and many others. 

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