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The Establishment ? Restoring the Faith

These days there's a lot of talk about a growing anti-establishment mood in politics. They say its time for change. People around the world seem to feel more dis-connected or alienated from their government, their community and even from each other. This is evident the world over from the extremes of civil war to the 'Brexit' referendum through to the noise and tweets surrounding the U.S. Presidential Election. Nearer to home we've seen the rise of Idle No More and the demonstrations just south of us at Standing Rock in North and South Dakota.?

In our view this mood in politics is not about the establishment but about leadership, managing change and achieving results. It is about making real improvement in our lives as individuals, as families, as community members and as citizens. It's about real change that we can actually see, feel and that has benefit in our everyday lives. Its about creating hope when sometimes its hard to find.?

It is our belief that the establishment is not always the problem, but the vehicle we need to implement change. No matter how much a candidate may protest or advocate anti-establishment aims, the moment they are elected they lead the establishment. Anti-establishment is an illusion. It is inescapable. The answer is to realize that we are working in an established system, to recognize the tools that are there, and then actually get to work. It's not the establishment that goes wrong but a lack of vision, the ability to motivate and work hard with determination.

The 'over-promise and under-deliver' routine of personality or celebrity politics is clearly not enough. The politics of complaint is not enough. I too would like to complain about the weather or promise sunny days and blue skies and dreams but it is by the results that we will be judged.

As leaders we need to accept that we lead the establishment, use the tools, build relationships and then focus on making real discernible change for people. As with us along with other First Nations we have found success with finding other political partners and private sector businesses who share this view and are committed to accomplishment and results.?

In the same way, we as electors need to look beyond the politics of complaint, or the politics of personality, photo-ops and ribbon cuttings. We need to get involved and work hard. The establishment is not alien or beyond us, it invites us to participate in public life and gives us the tools to make change and move forward.?

Now, let us dedicate ourselves to restoring the faith in leadership and the establishment and make our communities, regions and nation a better place for everyone.

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