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Seeing Their Success

How Access helps students on their academic journey

Some students simply belong in University. But what happens when they don't feel a sense of belonging there? They have the talent, desire, and intelligence that the rigors of post-secondary education require; however, they can never quite see themselves in University because of academic, financial, personal or geographic need.

With Access from Extended Education at the University of Manitoba, these students can see themselves through the welcoming people, who have shared backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions. Students can see themselves in the place, which is welcoming and familiar. They can see themselves finding support in the programs, which assists them academically, personally, and career-wise.

Through the stories and words of students, incoming students can feel more confident knowing that the path isn?t traveled alone. According to Access student, Erin Cunningham, "We all kind of look out for each other, and we cheer each other on. It?s a family. It?s a home based community". There is a real sense of sharing ? people with a shared past and shared goals. Access students see themselves in each other, and support each other on their journeys.

There is also always a place to go, and feel welcomed. "Just being in this building (Migizii Agamik) is just amazing. It has so much to offer to indigenous students and people in Access. It's a place where you feel like you belong", says Cameron Longo, Access Student. This smudge-friendly environment features a computer lab, student lounge, gathering space, and a kitchen. The building also features a Circle Room for ceremonies, meetings, and classes that require a sacred space. It's a place where all can envision themselves as a place to stop along the path.

Some students may find it difficult to visualize success. Access delivers programs to help reach those goals. According to Access Student Art Sateana, "the amount of support that academic and personal counselors bring to the table is quite astounding. They're there to help you succeed. All they want you to do is succeed". Access provides several academic, personal, and some financial support. So, a fog rolls in on that path to success, there are supports to help students see their way through it.

If a student belongs in university, Access helps them see that they do belong ? through the supportive people, place, and programs. We'll continue sharing their stories in coming issues, so please follow along as their journeys unfold, and we discover more of the people, place, and programs that lead the way to personal success. 

Let?s see what's possible.

The Access Program from Extended Education at the University of Manitoba is available to all Manitoba residents, with preference given to Indigenous peoples (Status, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit), residents of Northern Manitoba, low income earners, and newcomers. 

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