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Remote campuses delivering to communities outside of Winnipeg

Red River College delivers education and training programs to communities outside of Winnipeg including places like Peguis First Nation.

Don Wilson, Red River College Student/administrator support, has been helping to deliver a variety of programs at the Peguis Fisher River Campus.

In fact, programs are delivered in areas depending on the needs or wants coming from the communities, and not all of them are First Nation communities.

Wilson said the campus located on Peguis First Nation is part of the Interlake Campuses that are run out of Selkirk, Manitoba.

"What we are trying to do right now is promote some programs. We have a carpentry program that we are still trying to recruit for. It's a five-month pre-employment program preparing people entering apprenticeships as carpenters," said Wilson. "And we are also looking for students for our project management program. These courses were selected by the community."

Wilson said there is a demand for people with carpentry skills in both Peguis and Fisher River with the rising demand for housing to be built in both communities. As well, Fisher River Cree Nation is starting up a new plant to build Ready To Move homes. 

And the project management program came about as a demand because there might be big projects that could happen because of the Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement and Peguis Surrender Trust.

Those in charge would like to see community members with the skills to oversee land selection, etc... for such projects as condominiums, strip malls, casinos and hotels.

Wilson said, "And what we'd like to develop for the students out here is to develop a resource of tutors. We'd like to see people with background in accounting, book keeping, math and science."

He added that with Winnipeg a two hours plus drive away that it makes more sense to develop the resources closer to home. 

Remote classes are trailers outfitted with the necessary tools and equipment to deliver a course and are set up right in that community.

Wilson said the electrical course for instance had a trailer outfitted with various tools, equipment and scenarios for students to get some hands on training with.

And Wilson added that the courses offered, like in Peguis Fisher River campus, are open to any Manitoban to access.

In fact, even international students can go there to learn but those from Manitoba are given priority when selecting students for a program, said Wilson.

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