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More than just a ballpark

Message from Chief Ron Evans

On August 19, 2016 we celebrated the Grand Opening of the Chief Ken Albert Memorial Park & baseball facility, Diamond 373. The first stage of the Memorial Park complex was the development and construction of this baseball facility that is complete with lights for night games, bleachers, canteen, washrooms, lighted scoreboard and a press box. Future stages of the park's development depicted in the plan includes: play ground equipment, splash pads, water slide, beach facilities, basketball and tennis courts, a soccer pitch, driving range, golf course, go-cart track, obstacle course, zip lines, jogging / walking trails, picnic facilities and a Pow Wow arena. This development recognizes the vision of Late Chief Ken Albert and our commitment to active living, the encouragement of sport and participation, and especially the engagement of the youth.

For a long time in this country many have focused on the problems of social disengagement, isolation and the high incidence of unacceptably poor health. It is our view that we begin to take a proactive approach. In line with this, a recent international study identifies that a sedentary lifestyle is nearly as damaging to our health and years of life as smoking. To sit for prolonged periods, or to be inactive shortens our lives, and quite frankly, in our view, it is taking away the enjoyment and quality of too many lives.

Knowing this, we as a community have determined that building local infrastructure that engages everyone - especially the youth- and encourages a lifestyle that brings us together as a community and gets us physically moving together is a priority. The concept of our park and the building of our new baseball facility works to facilitate more active lifestyles and community involvement now, and we expect that our continued development of the park will do the same for people interested in different activities and opportunities.

As a final thought, and close to my heart, is the building of what we sometimes call 'character' or spirit. When we feel healthier, we have a better outlook on life. When we participate in sport we learn discipline, the importance of rules and respect for our competitors and ourselves. We learn how to win or lose with grace and to grow an appreciation of being part of something larger than ourselves. These are good lessons, and these are important for life and our role in community.

I believe that our plans and development for the Chief Ken Albert Memorial Park will be a blessing for our community, will bring people together, strengthen our sense of community, remind us that we are part of a larger whole, and provide many opportunities for the development of our youth for years to come.

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