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Hello, I'm Trevor Greyeyes

I've been the editor here at First Nations Voice for a couple of years. 

When the opportunity arose, I bought the paper from Alan Isfeld.

It took me well over a year but the time and hard work to secure a loan through the First Peoples Economic Growth Fund I hope has prepared me for quite the challenge.

Of course, the business plan really called for quite a bit of critical thinking about the newspaper industry and where it's going. Many thanks to Karen Keppler who served as the consultant to write the business plan. 

And thanks to Steven Beal who served as the business valuator.

It served as what I like to call an educational experience.

I have been basically self employed now since I have been unable to find full time employment anywhere else for well over ten years now.

And contrary to what you've read, I graduated high school at 18 and I am a post secondary graduate having spent seven years in three different post secondary institutions.

However, I have made somewhat of a living as a freelance writer/ editor/ graphic artist and by taking odd jobs here and there.

I graduated from Transcona Collegiate Institute back in the early 80's. I am 51 years old if you're wondering. 

In the comments section of the Winnipeg Free Press, I was called an Aboriginal radical or something along that line. 

Well, I'm not.

I'm an entrepreneur. 

In my publication, I will offer stories like the short feature on Shaun Everett and her dream of one opening a bakery in her community of Fisher River Cree Nation.

And a perspective different from the mainstream media like Bill Gallagher. I've know Bill for a few years now with an introduction when he sent me a copy of his Resource Rulers.

Norway House Cree Nation has been, and I hope in the future, a strong supporter of the First Nations Voice with informative articles by Chief Ron Evans.

I am also hoping that the first column by Jordan Wheeler will turn into a regular feature in the paper.

Also, FNV will continue to run submissions from Project Devote, see this month's piece on Hillary Wilson, and, that highlights the No Stone Unturned Concert for August 21.

FNV will gladly publish the Winnipeg Police Service's quarterly submissions.

Indigenous people are nothing like the stereotypes that so many people seem to still hold onto and I know you're out there. Believe me, I read your ill informed comments.

On the front cover, I give you the Grand Entry to this year's Peguis Pow Wow.

I am a registered Peguis First Nation band member.

It's a community that has its challenges. 

Just like myself.

Here's to a brighter future.


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