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Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Big changes have transpired in Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (BON) under the leadership of Jim Bear.

Over the last couple of years there has been a new grocery store/mall built and a twenty unit housing project that is nearing completion with plans in the works for further housing units.

This would be good news for any first nation community.

Jobs were created as a result of Jim Bear's vision for a self-supporting economy for his home community knowing that construction jobs for any project are temporary till the completion of the project.

He also recognized these skills are portable and allow band members to work anywhere they wish with these new skills, and there are the long term permanent jobs for the grocery store staff that serve the community and surrounding area that is cottage country.

He recognizes profit dollars from these business ventures will create other business and job opportunities for the BON membership.

With the new Waver's gas station and the South Beach Casino, opportunities for the people of Brokenhead community can only grow stronger and are seen by non-First Nation neighbor's as valuable contributors to their surrounding communities.

This kind of capacity building doesn't happen naturally.

Chief Bear offers a good example of how to relate well with others and have a strong work ethic, self-determination and a goal that will allow you to accomplish anything worthwhile in partnership with others.

Jim earned and paid his dues as a past Chief when every opportunity was controlled by INAC. Needless to say, community economic opportunities weren't as accessible as they are today.

Jim worked for years at the South East Tribal Council taking in all of the knowledge he could about navigating the Federal and Provincial Government processes and returned with this knowledge and vision to work with his fellow community members.

The benefit of his vast knowledge and how private sector business and the system works is visible in his accomplishments for the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation that will bring prosperity and opportunity for many generations to come. 

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