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A Season of Remembering, Celebration & Gratitude

A Christmas Message

With Black Friday come and gone the starting line for the Christmas season has been crossed and the stores are in full swing. While much has been written and discussed about the commercialism of the season it is a time of giving. It is a time of remembering all of the good that has come in this last year, the love we all share and a recognition of the strength and value of our relationships. And we recognize this in part by giving to those who are important to our life's journey and us. This gives us reason to celebrate, reason to give and together they are the foundation for bringing in the New Year with all the great opportunities and possibilities to come. It is indeed a season of remembering, celebration and gratitude, so lets be generous for all our blessings. Let us not forget those around us who have suffered. There are victims of tragedy around the world from concertgoers in Las Vegas to the passing of family members here at home, loved ones who no longer sit with us at life's celebrations. It is again the season to give our attention and time to the survivors and remind them that they are important and matter to us and to our community.

Sometimes in the every day business of our lives we lose sight of, or take for granted what we've accomplished and of those around us who have played important roles in our lives. From a community perspective we have been blessed with the hard work, creativity and spirit of those staff and community members who have 'gone the extra mile' in making our community a better place to live. While we know the job is not done and there are plenty of challenges and opportunities to come, our foundation is strong and capable and it rests in our people and our staff. As Nehemiah teaches there is an important job for everyone when building a community, a nation and we are thankful for all the effort. 

In a broader frame, we recognize and are grateful for the deepening relationships we are building with the private sector as well as the Federal and Provincial governments and looking forward to the many opportunities and initiatives that lay ahead. As examples, we are particularly pleased to continue to help nurture and grow businesses and services locally; honoured to offer our assistance to the Court of Queen's Bench as it works to bring real measures for reconciliation to the justice system; grateful to work collaboratively with Canada on important enhancements to health care delivery and a new health centre of excellence here at home; and privileged to offer assistance to Manitoba as it seeks ways to better economically engage First Nations in resource development.

At this season of giving, we would like to give our heart-felt thanks to our hard working people at home and for the growing relationships we are building beyond Norway House, and especially for the great promise of future success that everyone brings to our community.

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