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Recent Articles

  • Reconciliation steps

    At a gathering of librarians and educators, Rosanna Deerchild noted that she may not have been invited to attend if steps toward reconciliation ...

Archived Articles

  • Insurgency to Resurgence:

    A new exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery looks at how the Indigenous community continues to evolve and move beyond colonization and ...
  • Who killed Charlene Orsulak?

    In January 1986, 16-year-old Charlene "Cha Cha" Orsulak moved from her parent?s residence just outside of Winnipeg to her sister's residence in ...
  • INAC1 & INAC2

    Former Prime Minister Harper had changed the department's name, until current Prime Minister Trudeau changed it again: 'Aboriginal' under Harper ...
  • The importance of remembering:

    The current Lord Selkirk paid a visit to Manitoba to commemorate a historic treaty signing, meet with Indigenous peoples and groups, visit First ...
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